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Jessica P. California
lost 12 lb
Validated customer
“I didn’t have enough discipline to lose weight until I found PerfectBody meal planner.”
Mia L. New York
lost 10 lb
Validated customer
“I’m too busy to follow a regular diet… This tool saves time by generating a personalized meal plan every month. It’s healthy and veeery delicious!”
Isabella S. Texas
lost 17 lb
Validated customer
“I couldn’t change my routine to lose weight. I love that this meal planner can be adjusted according to every kind of routine.”
Patricia K. Massachusetts
lost 20 lb
Validated customer
“I couldn’t keep the weight off until I started using PerfectBody meal planner. I don’t even notice that I’m on a diet!”
Margaret T. New York
lost 13 lb
Validated customer
“I don’t have time to cook complicated diet meals. I love the ability to choose recipes and ingredients to the ones I like or currently have in the fridge. It’s very flexible & convenient!”
Dorothy O. California
lost 18 lb
Validated customer
“This meal planner works! I’ve been using it for 6 months, down 18 Lbs. I love those easy-to-make recipes!”
Marilyn E. Oregon
lost 10 lb
Validated customer
“I like that I don’t need to change my lifestyle to be healthier. This tool helps me to track calories so I can eat whatever.”
Brittany M. Florida
lost 13 lb
Validated customer
“The functionality is unbelievable! I hate onions, so I swap them with garlic or any other veggie. It’s so simple to get the most out of this tool.”
Linda G. Illinois
lost 14 lb
Validated customer
“I was considering getting a personal nutritionist... I’m so happy that I got a PerfectBody meal planner instead! It has all I need for weight management.”
Gabriella D. Texas
lost 16 lb
Validated customer
“I trust in PerfectBody meal planner because it is based on calorie counting and not some fancy trend. I can click and swap any ingredient with a similar calorie count!”


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“I don’t have a whole lot of time to go to the gyms, to have a personal trainer...”
“I’m at that age where I can’t eat whatever I want to.”
“You’re gonna lose weight, you’re gonna save money.”
“One thing I love about Perfect Body along with amazing weight loss is how easy it is to prep food.”

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